Inspired by the early works of electronic music pioneers such as The Normal, Fad Gadget, Gary Numan, Soft Cell and other New Wave Bands, Neongrau delivers the ideal soundtrack for urban Catwalks and cult B-Movies.

With a respectful nod to the past and a wary eye on the future, Neongrau sways to an ice cool, minority groove. While in the cut-up tradition of William Burroughs and in line with the nightmarish visions of David Cronenberg’s Videodrome – both, music and lyrics are the result of a dangerous flirtation with technology.

Intent on fucking up the grey masses by appropriating text from the daily deluge of spam-mail and by lovingly dissecting the rotten heart of daytime talk shows, Neongrau combines ultra exotic old school sounds with biting sarcasm – responding with venom to the banal, paranoia-inducing marketing slogans and empty headed drivel that creep unnoticed into our everyday lives via television and the internet.

Fixing the accelerated decline of popular culture with a benevolent stare Neongrau surfs the radio waves like a modern day High Plains Drifter, producing hymns for slackers and fashion victims alike.
Hi-level trash glam for hi-level indi(e)viduals! Don’t miss it!

Inspiriert von frühen Werken der Elektro-Pioniere wie: The Normal, Fad Gadget, Gary Numan und Soft Cell liefert Neongrau mit seinem ersten Longplayer auf das drehmoment records den idealen Soundtrack für urbane Laufstege und erstklassige B-Movies. ‚spam n space’ ist die perfekte Beschallung für Clubs, Lounges, Bars, Autos sowie sämtlichen Raumes, dessen Inhalt von einer extravaganten Minderheit beherrscht wird. Mit exotischen Old School Sounds aus teilweise museumsreifen Synthies, dazu spamartig ironisch - sarkastischen Phrasen; gibt es neon - der grauen Masse unverblümt subtil auf die Fresse. Extrem detailverliebt und mit dem Anspruch, dass jeder Song eine potentielle Single ist!
Hi-level trash glam for hi-level indi(e)viduals! Don’t miss it!


- drehmoment 007 | spam n space | CD
- lofi stereo 033 | neongrau | incl. hi level slacker [+] patrick pulsinger remix | 12" / EP

- gothic sampler Nr. 36 | neongrau - e-chicks hero (datafreq rmx) | CD

- e-shock 006 | VA. say hello & wave goodbye | incl. e-chicks hero (neverleven) - neville attree remix | CD