Torn between the early original industrial movement and the techno-pop/synth-pop scene from the same area, Makina Girgir found his musical destination in the end! With his projects Makina Girgir and AratkiLo, he started to produce music for different moods. Heavy 80s electro wave influenced tracks on one side and dark electroid stuff somehow eerie and pessimistic on the other.

As a serious music passionata and vinyl collector Makina Girgir aka Philippe Hayet from Toulouse got the chance to collaborate since May 2005 with the Welt-Am-Draht internet radio run by c-kent (Kommando 6/Germany). Last but not least some tracks and mixes can also be heard on the CBS dutch webradio run by I-f. AratkiLo was amongst the djs invited to the latest CBS annual microparty in Rotterdam in 12/2006.

Several projects are on their way including some new collaborations with various artists from the electronic scene... so stay tuned.


- drehmoment 008 | Makina Girgir | The Spell | 12" / EP

- radio cosmos 001 | VA. synthesize me! | frozen gloss | 12"/LP
- drehmoment 006 | VA. 5th anniversary compilation vol 2 | 12"

- rockmachine | keen K / pmuench | Makina Girgir RMX |