VA 5th anniversary vol 2

SNEAK-THIEF (Canada/Germany): Producer and performer Michel Morin (aka Sneak-Thief and Polygamy Boys) knows how to get people on the dancefloor shaking their asses. In only two years, he has released records on labels such as Lasergun, Goodlife, Bunker, Space Factory and Beautycase. Sneak-Thief´s tracks are a magic mix of stomping electro-funk, techno and disco. Since 1997, Sneak-Thief has performed live at hundreds of parties and clubs worldwide with his non-stop, all-synthesizer show. No vinyl, no cd´s and no laptops: this is the real deal!

Makina Girgir
MAKINA GIRGIR (France): Torn between the early original industrial movement and the so-called techno-pop/synth-pop scene from the same area, Makina Girgir found his musical destination in the end! Under his projects Makina Girgir and Aratkilo he started to produce music for different moods. Heavy 80´s electro wave influenced tracks on one side and dark electroid stuff somehow eerie and pessimistic on the other. Occasional to his serious passion of producing or crafting music since the 21st century, he also springs into action as editor for radio stations on the web like ‘Welt am Draht’.

DIVIDER (Germany): Divider is the electro disco project from Berlin based musician and producer keen K. He has already released several times on das drehmoment records - for example his appearance on "VA. das drehmoment - dreht weiter!" under his sideproject keen K & Dorian E. But the most important fact is that Divider ‘Trashpop for Lovers’ has been the very first release on das drehmoment! And do you remember his club hit ‘Tanz ins Licht’ on Beautycase Records? You should listen clearly, you might recognise anybody else singing then Tg (das drehmoment) himself!

FBS (Germany): FBS is a project of two totally unknown guys from Berlin. Their roots are a small dirty club called ‘schufa’ in a self-forgotten town in the nowhere of Germany. For different reasons they decided to start serious work on their biggest passion: electronic music. For some kind of accident or finding they realized after a very short time the good mutual supplement.

AURICA (Germany): On yer knees, sinners! 1,60 meters of ‘Are-you-talking-to-me?’-taxi driver attitude, several highly recommened releases with ‘Born’ on Thurs Records in the mid ´90s and a heavenly voice. Need I say more?

ELECTROSEXUAL (France): Saucy gallic electro hero Electrosexual settled with electronic music dividing his time between producing his own material, remixing tracks for other artists: Peaches, Scream Club (Olympia, Washington), Lesbians on Ecstasy, Echo Kitty (Montreal), Houston Bernard (N.Y.), David Carretta, Ming&Ping (San Fransisco), Punk Bunny (Hollywood) and spinning and performing live at various events in Montréal, New York, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, London his unique flavour of Electro GlamWave Break. Electrosexual's passion for electronic dance music saw him hook up with some brilliant emerging artists worldwide.

Silent Signals
SILENT SIGNALS (Germany) exists beside the mainproject Echo West for a lighter kind of minimal-coldsynth-electronics than Echo West. The intention beside the music and sound is to give an audience an imagination of a silent human mood and character who’s whirling around through life’s storms to reach an unknown end. Echo West is known from legendary Membrum Debile Propaganda LP release ‘Signalisti’ as well as Intensive Care Unit his Industrial Project. Mentionable should be his appearance on ‘New Deutsch’ Compilation by Gigolo Records.

ICH (Germany) is still alive! Peter Lieske makes music since the early 80´s starting his own tape label ‘Rappel Tapes’ where he distributed his selfmade ‘tape to tape’-recordings. With co-producer keen K he made an oldschool night version of his famous hit ‘Aberglaube’, which was originally recorded in 1984 and released in 2005 in its origin version on dd003 ‘Memory Mix’. (see artist section)

LEGOPOP (Germany): ‘There is not enough music I like’. Due to this fact, Legopop from Berlin started in 2002 to make its own sound inspired by Minimal-Electronics from the Eighties. Beside his activities as a musician he is also known as one of the headmasters of Berlin Party Series ‘Sentimentale Jugend’, where he spins his records in the tradition of 80´s Gothic, Minimal, EBM, Dark Wave and Batcave. And don´t miss his show on webradio ‘Feindsender’ every thursday night!

ZHARK (Germany): Since early 1980´s the conservative avantgardist ZHARK experimented with electronic sound machines. His music influences reach from Kraftwerk to New Wave Pioneers like The Skids or Killing Joke. Accordingly his repertoire is lightened by minimalistic, monotone sounds (like on his CD ‘Binär Robotik’), bombastic and score-like material, which always suits dancefloor capabilities!