KALSON (Serbia): vladan cvetkovic, producer and dj, was born 1986 in the city of nis. his first contact with electronic music was in 1997. as years were passing, he was influenced by many genres of electronic music like house, techno, breakbeat, electro, electronic hardcore. listening to various genres, he realised that electro music contains all elements, he was looking for. in 2005 he started with his first projects fe. kalson. the sound of synthesizers, hard delayed and reverbed melodies, which are a common thing in modern classics are just some of the elements that could be easily spoted in his music. one of the greatest infuences of all machinery is the minimoog synthesizer. he is one of the founders of first serbian electro label called "e75 records" along side with alavux, direct control, h! and caligari. in the basics kalson is dedicated to electro sound, but he also produces italo (space, robo) disco.
kalson @ myspace

dj gio mc 505
GIO MC-505 (Italy): music-journalist, reviewer, consultant for events, reporter for international festivals, music-producer, remixer, a&r and promoter for tractorecords, composer for videogame soundtrack, writer for a book about music and culture of the 90's, selector for radio-shows: giosuè impellizzeri from one side, dj gio mc-505 from other side. since 1996 he started several collaborations as journalist with tons of specialized paper-magazines and web-magazines as the dance web, cubase, trend discotec, discoid, radio italia network's web-site, technodisco, jay culture, soundz,, basebog, la nuit, jocks mag, ampm etc. every year coming out 600 of his articles and reviews. he realized more of 200 interviews with well-known artists from over the world. his first e.p. was released in 2002 played by famous names as tampopo, david carretta, vitalic, capri for other releases, has received positive feedbacks from maru & comix, remute, alex flatner, luke eargoggle, savas pascalidis, alexander robotnick.
gio mc-505 @ myspace

lesbian mouseclicks
LESBIAN MOUSECLICKS (The Netherlands): around 2005 lesbian mouseclicks started as an electronical music collective of three individual music lovers. after some gigs in the netherlands and germany they are gently rising. with a combination of spherical electropop songs and tracks that rock the bones they move the people with their energetic live sets. lesbian mouseclicks already appeared in 2005 with their track `border linelabel’ on das drehmoment recordstore´s 5th anniversary compilation vol 1.
lesbian mouseclicks @ myspace

transactive nightzone
TRANSACTIVE NIGHTZONE (Germany): trans-active nightzone was formed in 2005 by keen k, dirk-torben klein and niclas brückner. they are heavily influenced by killing joke, joy division and their might be giants and early 80ies minimal wave synth pop which reflects in their own musical universe. their lyrics are a feast of insanity. for example the track "the tourist" where a business man battles with freakish mutants while travelling to strange places.

SÝN (Germany): is the colourful new wave duo of the berlin avantgarde artists cruxguerre and nora below (bpitch ctrl, bomb boutique). the song “thats you” is bursting from energy, sent from a bewildering electronic planet with punky guitar riffs and multi layered vocal tracks in a complex arrangement. nora belows distinctive vocals lead through the song turning to aggressive jazz and cruxguerres clear voice transforms to a threatening bass. the harmonic element of pop is shattered and recomposed tenderly.
sýn @ myspace

REPLICANT (Great Britain): the artificial human and his album of electronic pop influenced by eightees new wave and synthetic disco he was first spotted on the beautycase label with the notorious x-posed collaboration with glen gregory of heaven 17 further came collaborations with marc almond boy george princess julia and keen k all captured on his first album for das drehmoment from soft eightees ballads to hard electronic body music "retrophone" is a journey thru metarmorphic rock.
replicant @ myspace

makina girgir
MAKiNA GiRGiR (France): is a french "retro-lectro wave" project founded around 2004. the music can be defined as strong influenced by the sounds and melodies from the 80s, with a real focus on the melancholic side of dance music. since the track "white eyes" was released in 2006, makina girgir has been involved in the drehmoment scene events, spining regularly records in various parties in berlin. in 2007 the story was going further with the first full five tracks release, "the spell". the 12" was very well received by the audience and two tracks from "the spell" even made it to the annual cbs top 100 charts. siren scam was inspired by the oldest tourist trap known so far: ulysse's one…
makina girgir @ myspace

jaques dubroix
JAQUES DUBROIX(Germany) influenced by oldschool post-punk and new wave, the music of jaques dubroix is rough, handmade and on the spur of the moment. whatever the result of a recording session will be, it has to be straight and simple. jaques dubroix already appeared in 2005 with his track ‚electronic age’ on das drehmoment ´s 5th anniversary compilation vol 1.