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Private Records 011 Recorded by
Michael Bundt
Private Records 011 Recorded by
Alex Cima
Cosmic Connection LP
Falco Invernale 006 Recorded by
All The Tragic Heroines
La Forme Lente 007 Recorded by
Makina Girgir
Radio Cosmos D03 Recorded by
Captain Now/Infinity Night
Split Dimension 3


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das drehmoment 015 Recorded by
Cosmic Hoffmann
das drehmoment 014 Recorded by
Sky Of Mirrors
Andre Szigethy - In Stock!!

Für viele Plattensammler und Musikliebhaber war ANDRé SZIGETHY ´s gleichnamige LP aus dem Jahre 1983 ein bisher kaum erreichbares, da kaum erschwingliches Album. Mit unter wurde die Platte für bis zu 450€ gehandelt. Zu Recht ist das Album unter Sammlern sehr gesucht. Ist es doch ein echtes Kleinod zwischen Minimal-Elektro, NDW, Wave und Synthie-Pop. Der Song „Liebe Banal“ wird bis heute auf den einschlägigen Partys gespielt. Nun endlich hat die Suche nach dem raren Album ein Ende. Das Berliner Label "Viper Records", ein Sublabel des großartigen "Private Records" Labels, landete nun den großen Coup und konnte in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Meister selbst, das Album neu auflegen. Wer dem Album einen stolzen Platz in seiner Plattensammlung geben möchte, kann gerne bei mir anfragen. Seit heute ist es im Mailorder erhältlich.

Andre Szigethy - Finally out!!

The official re-release of the most sought after and expansive German minimal synth, dark wave, electro album! Originally released in Germany, 1983. More infos on Discogs.

Soon in Stock!
Preorders welcoome! shop@das-drehmoment.com

Mailorder closed

I will be on holidays from february, 20th until february 27th.
your orders and requests will be proceeded after my return.

I'll get back to you after my vacation!
Thanks for your patience!

Andre Szigethy - Sign up for the waitlist!!

Sometimes cleaning up your attic can be really fun. Especially if some boxes with MINT condition Andre Szigehty records and a big bunch of posters and promotional inserts show up.
This stuff will be available in some exclusive packages as soon as the repress is available and feature: Album repress + original 1983 12"Maxi Single + inserts (signed by Andre Szigehty original 1983 promo posters as well foldout inserts as long as available).

Available in march 2013!!!
If you want an exclusive package sign up for the waitlist and get in contact with our friend Janis of Private Records: info@priv4te.com


New Releases In Stock

New Releases In Stock
Tony Carey - Explorer And Yellow Power DLP (Medical Records)
V/A 80s Compilation (EE Tapes)
Codes - All The Tragic Heroines Mini-LP (Falco Invernale)
Captain Now/Infinity Night - Split Dimension 3 (Radio Cosmos)
V/A SOM Compilation 5 (Solar One Music)
Agitation Free - 1st LP (Korosuro Records)
Raime - Quarter Turns Over A Living Line LP (Blackest Ever Black)
Passion Play - The Final Act CD (aufnahme + wiedergabe)

Upcoming Releases
Makina Girgir – Torment LP (La Forme Lente)
Bonjour Tristesse - On Not Knowing Who We Are LP (La Forme Lente)
Troller - Troller LP (Light Lodge)
Radio.Nome - var.artists (Blowpipe)

New Releases In Stock

New Releases In Stock
Schaltkreis Wassermann - Psychotron (Private Records)
Innergaze - Mutual Dreaming (Cititrax)
Hard Corps – Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt (Mnimal Wave)

Back In Stock
Sympathy Nervous - Automaticism (Mnimal Wave)
Philippe Laurent – Hot Bip (Mnimal Wave)
In Trance 95 - Cities Of Steel And Neon (Mnimal Wave)

Upcoming Releases
The Present Moment – Loyal To A Fault (Mannequin)
Inhalt - Vehicle (Dark Entries)
Dark Day - Exterminating Angel (Dark Entries)
Vocoder - Cuadro Sinóptico (Dark Entries)
A Haunted Sawmill - The Dance Of Death (Domestica)
Red Violet Red - Relaxed In Upstate Rain (Domestica)
Various - Non Plus Ultra 1980-1987 (Domestica)
Moß Garten / Vildsvanen - 1982-1987 A Compilation (Domestica)
TodoTodo - Tecnodelia · Tendencias (1980-1981) (Domestica)

New Releases In Stock
V/A Underground Belgium Wave Vol. 3 (Walhalla)

Upcoming Releases
Schaltkreis Wassermann - Psychotron (Private Records)
The Present Moment – Loyal To A Fault (Mannequin)
Inhalt - Vehicle (Dark Entries)
Dark Day - Exterminating Angel (Dark Entries)
Vocoder - Cuadro Sinóptico (Dark Entries)

Upcoming Releases

New italo disco releases form I Venti d'Azzurro Records

Release number 50 for the I Venti labels! This is the celebration release and comes in a special gatefold sleeve and on Red/Black vinyl. The great voices of Ken Laszlo, Ryan Paris, Marcello d'Azzurro and Monique can be heard on the epic song Everybody Comes. On the B-side you'll find the previously unreleased extended version of Synthetica + the original 7'' version which was released in 1989. The Juno Gang comes from Switzerland and is a collector's favourite. Get this special edition while it's available!

Felli is a classic Discomagic artist and well known for his major hit Diamond In The Night. We are proud to bring you all the best of Felli on one disc. 6 full-length songs including two new tracks. The songs are all remastered. Shadows Of The Night even got a new mix to make it sound even more vintage. An amazing album for every collection.

After his previous smash hit I Wanna Love You Once Again, everybody was waiting for the follow-up. Well, here it is, another chart hammer: Parisienne Girl. In the best Ryan Paris style, great melodies and vocals and catchy hooks. The song comes in the Eddy Mi Ami remix in vocal and instrumental flavour plus the original mix. Ryan sings the new summerhit for 2012!

New Releases In Stock

New Releases In Stock
Port Said - Port Said (Vinyl on Demand)
Lucas Trouble - In A Fit Of Delirium (Vinyl on Demand)
Paul Nova - Trees Without Leaves (Vinyl on Demand)

Upcoming Releases
Schaltkreis Wassermann - Psychotron (Private Records)
The Present Moment – Loyal To A Fault(Mannequin MNQ 018)

New Releases In Stock

New Releases In Stock
Tranquil Eyes - Walks (OnderStroom Records)
Twilight Ritual - The Factory Scream (OnderStroom Records)
V/A A Compilation.Volume 1: Portland(Sweating Tapes)

Upcoming Releases
Die Selektion - Die Selektion (Aufnahmen + Wiedergabe)
Crime Scene pres. CRIME CITY (CC001)
Innergaze - Mutual Dreaming (Cititrax)
Hard Corps - Clean Tables Have To Be Burnt (Minimal Wave)
BUZZ - See You Sioux (Dark Entries)
SIC - Thought Noises (Dark Entries)
Twilight Ritual - Rituals (OnderStroom Records)
V/A Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2 (Stones Throw)
V/A Underground Belgium Wave Vol. 3 (Walhalla)

New Releases In Stock

New Releases In Stock
Axxess - Novels For The Moons(Medical)
Central Unit-Loving Machinery (Mannequin)
Closed - Celebration(Energy Level)
Doris Norton - Raptus (Black Widow)
In Trance 95 - Cities Of Steel And Neon(Minimal Wave)
Janitor Of Lunacy - Crimes On The Dancefloor(Mannequin)
Lovables - It's Beautiful(I.D. Limited)
Mynationshit - Mynationshit(GH Records)
Pas De Deux - Cardiocleptomanie (Minimal Wave)
Schedelvreter - Hunker(Minimal Wave)
Új Látásmód Fúzió - A jövonek dedikálva (KHK Tapes)
V/A Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave Vol. 1 1982 - 1987 CD (Mannequin)
V/A Danza Meccanica - Italian Synth Wave Vol. 2 1981 - 1987 LP (Mannequin)
V/A Forward + Rewind - The Future Echo Tapes (Aufnahme + Wiedergabe)
V/A - Let's Go Into Space (Private Records)
Victor Ark - Coming Back & Let Me Go (Energy Level)
Violet Tremors - Time Is The Traitor(VT Records)

Upcoming Releases
BUZZ - See You Sioux (Dark Entries)
SIC - Thought Noises (Dark Entries)
Tranquil Eyes - Walks (OnderStroom Records)
Twilight Ritual - The Factory Scream (OnderStroom Records)
Twilight Ritual - Rituals (OnderStroom Records)
V/A Minimal Wave Tapes Vol. 2 (Stones Throw)
V/A Underground Belgium Wave Vol. 3 (Walhalla)

!BANG ELEKTRONIKA for the first time ever in europe!

7/10 points @ VICE GERMANY

„Man kann sich leicht ausrechnen, dass hierzu in den Kritiken das gängige „Kopfkino“ oder der „Score zu einem ungedrehten Film“ aus den untersten Schubladen der Plattitüdenablage hervorgekramt werden. In diesem Fall muss man allerdings einräumen: Sie treffen zu. Denn meines Wissens wurde von Coppola und Kubrick kein gemeinsamer Streifen produziert, in dem sie das psychoaktive Flirren von Apocalypse Now und die ­philosophische Tiefenwirkung von 2001 miteinander verschmolzen haben."

Read the rest at Vice Magazine: SPIN ME ROUND - Vice Magazine Deutschland

„SKY OF MIRRORS is a nightmarish album that is able to hypnotize its audience...“ Chain DLK

Kaval Reviews

"damn good" Red Bull Music Academy

„Eine schöne und verstörende Platte, eine Art Soundtrack für einen Film, der noch gedreht werden muss“ Tagesspiegel

„the LP goes beyond expectations... a truly epic piece of electronics...“ Igloo Mag

"12 op 10" Nightcode.be

Interview on Red Bull Music Academy here

OUT NOW: Kaval - Sky Of Mirrors LP

We are more than happy to announce the release of our new black gold 'Kaval - Sky of Mirrors LP'

Mechanical rain, black acid crystals and pagan rituals. Kaval is channeling a twisted scenario from a safe house. Look to the sky and watch a dazzling reality unfold. Rich synthesizer music for the enlightened listener. Sky Of Mirrors is a seductive piece of occult soundtrack music made by Dutch Artists Roberto Auser and Ian Martin.

Roberto Auser (artist, designer, DJ and talented producer) is already known for his 70's inspired synthesizer music. His music is best described as an adventurous combination of Disco, sweaty House, garage Techno, delicate Soundtracks, Ambient and lots of exotic sounds. Releases to be mentioned are fe. his 12" Blondes & Brunettes on Bear Funk with his partner-in-sound Alden Tyrell or his fantastic Debut Album Secret Carneval on Bear Funk.
He has also released music with Nature Records (Final Frontier) and Innervisions.
Ian Martin is an Originator of SEER Radio on Intergalactic FM. He has released music on Bunker Records or Strange Life Records.

Eclipse music for eclipsed people!

For movie freaks and lovers of John Carpenter and David Lynch!!
Soundfiles and Infos here
Grab it here

Duran Duran live in Berlin!

Die legendären Duran Duran werden im Rahmen von Electronic Beats Classics ein exklusives Konzert im Berliner Admiralspalast geben. Am 26. Mai 2011 stellen die Pop-Legenden Europa-exklusiv bei Electronic Beats die Songs ihres neuen Albums All You Need Is Now vor.

Produziert von Mark Ronson, begeistert das Album derzeit die Kritiker und Fans weltweit. In zahlreichen Ländern besetzt es bereits die Top-Positionen der Download-Charts. Im Anschluss an das exklusive Konzert in Berlin gehen Duran Duran mit All You Need Is Now auf Weltournee – zum ersten Mal seit über fünf Jahren.

„Wir haben immer sehr gern in Berlin gespielt, weil diese Stadt sich durch eine Energie auszeichnet, wie sie nur an ganz wenigen Orten zu finden ist“, sagt Simon Le Bon in dem Londoner Studio in dem die Band gerade probt.

Wir können es kaum erwarten!
Wir freuen uns riesig auf DURAN DURAN!!!!!

Mehr Infos hier: Electronic Beats

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011!!!

Please note:
between 23.12.2010 - 05.01.2011 our mailorder will ship only twice a week! we are closed for winter holidays.

please apologize the delay but yeah.. holidays are also fine ;D
CU, HEAR U IN 2011!!!!!!

a new das drehmoment release in progress

Its a feeling like Christmas Time, celebrating New Years Eve or having Birthday....
im listening to our new Test Pressing at the moment. KAVAL - Sky Of Mirrors LP.
our new wax for 2011... it will be a good year for das drehmoment...
damn, cant wait to get the finished soon..... :D

Worldtronics 2010

Worldtronics Elektro-Fachmarkt wir kommen!

Auch dieses Jahr sind wir wieder mit einem Stand vertreten und freuen uns, auf gemeinsame Gespräche über die neuesten Platten, Events und Bands :D
Also wir sehen uns!

Wunschklangradio on Intergalactic FM

Wunschklangradio #25 for download.


Patrick Remy - Quasar
Alek Stark - Inside You
Los Massieras - Shroom Heaven
SpAceLex - Bavarian Machine
Carlos Rossi - Knife Of The Red Queen
Alex Akers - Tend The Light
Trevor Bastow - The Force
Heinrich Dressel - Lex_Frumentaria
Suzi Quatro - Remote Control
Macabees - No Kind Words
Hurts - Wonderful Life
??? - Für Mal Eben So
Young Monday - Spatial Wayfaring
Yan Tregger - The Last Girl
J. Cameron - New York 2001
Johnny Dee - Stargazer

Wunschklangradio on Intergalactic FM

Wunschklangradio #22 for download.


Chris & Cosey - Passion
Vomito Negro - Feel The Heat
Die Form - Hurt
Sleep Chamber - The Nun
Cybotron - Cosmic Car (7" version)
Force Dimension - So-Dom
P1e - 49second Romance
A Blaze Colour - An Addict Of Time
Neon - Information Of Death
UV Pop - Sleep Don`t Talk
Ensemble Pittoreske - Sleepwalking
Tranquil Eyes - Finding Out For Yourself
Gelatinous Citizen - Your Minds Unsound
Metronomes - Justification
Solid State - Recalling You
Mark Lane - Sojourn (version)

Wunschklangradio on Intergalactic FM

Wunschklangradio #21 for download.


Laurie Anderson - Big Science
Duran Duran - Careless Memories
Talk Talk - Today (Extended)
Killing Joke - Eighties
The Cure - Primary
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Mirage
Malaria - Kaltes Klares Wasser
B 52`s - Planet Claire
Fad Gadget - Lady Shave
Yello - Bostich
New Order - Confusion (1987 Mix)
David Bowie - Fashion
Roxy Music - Same Old Scene
Kim Wilde - Water On Glass
Tears For Fears - Pale Shelter

Wunschklangradio on Intergalactic FM

Wunschklangradio #20 for download.


Skinny Puppy - Deadlines
Data Bank A - Trickle Down
Neon Judgement - Sister Sue
Luc Van Acker - Forced Into Light
KKD - And Your Mind
Lars Falk - Hello Hello
Moravagine - Untitled
The Arms Of Someone New - St. Catherine
East Wall - Privacy
Holy Toy - Nobody Is Like You
U-Bahn X - Young Hearts Of Europe (Valhalla Mega mix)
Lou Champagne System - Silent Walking
Die Gesunden - Die Gesunden Kommen

Wunschklangradio #19 for download.


Datafreq - Silhouette City
Mas 2008 - Du
Ich - Aberglaube (Night Version)
Silent Signals - Waiting For Reaction
Makina Girgir - Join Us
Beta Evers - Dry Tears
Polygamy Boys - Man Against Man (Ext. Intrumental)
Keen K - White Bit
Lowfish - Theme To Parked Cars
Suicide Booth - I Am Legend
Greg Punkov - Soda So Prompteleks
Kalson - Pulsar II (Extended)
Dream Disco - Take Me Home (Dubstrumental)

Wunschklangradio on Intergalactic FM

Wunschklangradio #18 for download.

WKR 18
Wunschklangradio 18

Alan Howarth - Retribution Opening
Florian Appl - Target
John Carpenter - Regeneration
John Carpenter - The Shape Stalks
Thomas Bangaltar - Paris By Night
Budy Maglione - Mike Flips Out
Fabio Frizzi - The Last Re-Make Of Zombie
Jay Chatterlay - Subway Terror
Jay Chatterlay - Agression
J.Cramer - New York 2001 Submix
Claudio Simonetti - Running To The Fight
Ataraxia - The Unexplained
Rick Wakeman - Shear Terror
Walter Rizzati / Claudio Simonetti - Nuke Is Over
Walter Rizzati - Trois Suspenses
Thomas Böttcher & Orlandi - Das Geheimnis Der Weissen Nonne
Lem - Cyborgs
John Harrison - The Crate

Wunschklangradio on Intergalactic FM

Wunschklangradio #17 for download.

WKR 17
Intro: Nacho Patrol - Sword Of The Lambda
Yello - Blue Green
Norman J.Warren / Ivor Slanley - Ann Impaled On Sword
A Van Garde - Disco Chip / Rib Schnitt
Medio Mutante - Corre Corre
2nd Decay - Kino
Nuts & Co - Kangourou
Bochum Welt - St. Tropez
Balazs Ferenc - Patricia
Recreation Zone - Bai Bai
Denis & Denis - Ti I Ja
Kerosene - Duboz Bar
JJ Burnell - Jellyfish John Paul Young - Angels With Dirty Faces
Nuts & Co - Auf Dem Lande
Basking Sharks - Croatia
Experimental Products - Golden Hours / Aphex Mix
Oppenheimer Analysis - Under Surveillence

Wunschklangradio on Intergalactic FM

Wunschklangradio #15 + #16 are ready for download.

WKR 15
Anthony Child - Over Napoli
AratkiLo - Dark Water
Shemale - Blood Ritual
Makina Girgir - White Eyes
KeenK/P. Muench - The Spiral (Makina Girgir Rmx)
Skanfrom - Confused Machines (2nd)
Nu Science - Tripodien Aika
League Of Nations - Systematic Eyes
Linear Movement - Way Out Of Living
Alphaville - To Germany With Love
Anne Clark - True Love Tales
Tangerine Dream - Network
John Carpenter - Hell Breaks Loose
Gianni Rossi - Death by 69
Stock, Hausen & Waterman - Dirty Thirty Something

WKR 16
Intro: Die Drei Fragezeichen
Depeche Mode - Fly On The Windscreen
Stratis - Nightfly
I-F - Assault On Radio Radical
DJ Overdose - Mossad Commando
The Hasbeens - You & Me
Jaques Dubroix - Electronic Age
Dr.C Stein - Le Bomb Plastique
Vicious Pink Phenomena - My Private Tokyo
Indochine - Razzia
Videosex - Neonska Reklama
Evelyn Smith - Lost In Love
The Creatures - Believe In Yourself (from Jocks OST)
Zed - Plastic Love
Nova Huta / Neoangin - Why Can`t I Be YouVopo Records

Bassy Club 29.12.09 // Partytip!! FLYER FOR REDUCED ENTRY!

You can find flyers for reduced entry of 5€ here:

Vopo Records
Freak Out Records
Oyé Records
Out of Line
Plaste Elaste

Bassy Club 29.12.09 // Partytip!! NO TEARS FOR THE CREATURES OF THE NIGHT

presented by das drehmoment & xmal80s
Dienstag 29.12.09 // 22:00

Liebe Feierwütigen,
kurz vor Silvester am Dienstag, den 29.Dezember läuten xmal80s und das drehmoment mit „No Tears For The Creatures Of The Night“ die dritte Runde ihrer erfolgreichen Party Reihe im Bassy Cowboy Club ein.

Musikalisches Highlight des Abends ist das Einmann Projekt Telegram Frank, welches an die berüchtigten "Travelling Medicine Shows" erinnert, bei der im 19. Jahrhundert Trecks aus Artisten, Musikern und Quacksalbern quer durch die USA unterwegs waren, um nicht nur die Zuschauer zu unterhalten, sondern auch um sie mit "Snake Oil“, einem Heilung versprechenden Liquid über den Tisch zu ziehen. Dass Telegram Frank nicht nur über grandiose musikalische, sondern eben auch über wahre Entertainment- und Stand-Up-Comedy-Qualitäten verfügt, wird uns der Wahlberliner im passenden Ambiente des Bassy beweisen! Und wer weiss? Vielleicht hat der ein oder die andere sogar die Chance eine kleine Kostprobe des legendären Snake Oils zu erhaschen!

Den verheissungsvollen Party Auftakt liefert die aus dem Umfeld des Szeneladens Rock-A-Tiki stammende Band Blousons Noir. Call it: New Wave back from the Grrrave!

Im Anschluss lassen auf zwei Floors die DJs Crawfish, Ragnar, Tg und Jakob die 80er Jahre wieder aufleben! Es darf getanzt werden zu den Hits aus Post Punk, Indie Rock, Psychobilly, Ska, New Wave, Electro Pop, Minimal Synth, Italo und Disco.

Solo Projekt von Frank The Baptist (strobelight, at)
New Wave back from the Grave

main floor
RAGNAR xmal80s
1980s IndiepenDance

smokers lounge
Jakob judgement day, decaydance
TG das drehmoment
Italo Death Pop

Bassy Club, Schönhauser Allee 176, 10119 Berlin

Eintritt: 7€, mit Flyer: 5€


WORLDTRONICS 2009 / sneak-thief live + das drehmoment @ trade fair

Live-Acts, Workshops und Treffpunkt
28.11 // 16 – 20 h // Eintritt frei

lädt zum Elektronik-Fachmarkt: Ein Treffpunkt rund um globale elektronische Musik für Labels, Plattenläden, Veranstalter, Software-Schmieden und natürlich Musiker und ihre Fans. Ein Ort zum kostenfreien Testen, Anschauen, Anhören und Selbermachen. Mit Workshops für Profis und Einsteiger, Live-Acts und mp3-to-go: USB-Stick oder Smartphone mitbringen, Promosongs, Demos und DJ-Sets sammeln!

Mit BerlinLoopBrasil, Beaming Productions, breiPott, Brothers in Music, Chris Keller Soundboxen, das drehmoment, Defekt Records, Eastblok Records, Fraunhofer Institut für Digitale Medientechnologie IDMT, Irieland, JungleX, Klangwirkstoff, Marcel Siewert, MG.Art, Monika-Enterprise, One Drop, Piranha Musik & IT, Polen Records, Quecksilber, Staubgold, Soundcloud, Subcurrent, Tracks And Fields (tbc), Tricky Tunes, ZZK Records.

16:00 Moritz Wolpert
16:30 Markus Detmer(Staubgold)
17:00 Adi Gelbart (Defekt Records)
17:30 Moritz Wolpert
18:00 Sneak Thief (das drehmoment)

16.30 h ¦Brothers in Music
In einer Schnupperstunde erklärt Henri von Brothers in Music die Grundlagen elektronischer Musikproduktion. Was können Ableton Live, Sequencer, Midi? Wie funktioniert Klangsynthese? Vorkenntnisse total unnötig! Mehr: www.brothers-in-music.de

17.30 h ¦GlobalMusic2one
Einführung in eine neue Softwaretechnologie zur automatisierten Empfehlung und Online-Vermarktung. Mit Bettina Schasse de Araujo, Piranha Musik & IT und Holger Grossmann, Fraunhofer Institut für Digitale Medientechnologie IDMT.
Mehr: www.globalmusic2one.net/was_ist_globalmusic.html

18.30 h ¦ Aarhus E presents DIEM
Der gefeierte dänische Techno-Pionier, DJ und Performer Björn Svin gibt Einblick in seine Arbeit am exzellenten DIEM, dem Danish Institute of Electronic Music.
Mehr: www.myspace.com/bjornsvin

Teilnahme frei, Anmeldung erbeten: braeuer@hkw.de

Weitere Infos:
Electronica Surprise
25. – 28.November 2009
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10
10557 Berlin
Tickets & Information
+ 49 - (0)30 - 397 87 175

TIP! record shop week @ oye berlin

Plattenladenwoche @ OYE Record Store Berlin 30.10. - 7.11.09

Freitag 30.10.2009
16 h Davey (lovetoflydisco)
17 h Daniel Paul (Slope)
18 h Lars Berger (swedish brandy)
19 h Eva Be (Sonar Kollektiv)
20 h Monokid (Goldmund / Bar 25)

Samstag 31.10.2009
16 h Johnny Hitman (Soulcombinat)
17 h Eli Pavel & Paul Spymania (Sub:Stance)
18 h DJ Gene (Dubby Chubbs)
19 h Siriusmo (monkeytown / BNR)
20 h Yason (duscholux)

Montag 02.11.2009
16 h Claas Brieler (Jazzanova)
17 h Daniel W. Best (Bestworks)
18 h Le Bob (Beatevolutioners)
19 h Dj Mack (robotarmyberlin)
20 h Yves

Dienstag 03.11.2009
Made to Play Showcase
16 h Zombi Disco Squad
17 h Oliver $
18 h Jesse Rose
19 h Special Guest
20 h Lord Nelson (Greco Roman / XL Rec)

Mittwoch 04.11.2009
16 h Thomas Gleichner (Drehmoment)
17 h Fun Hustled (Cargo Rec)
18 h Coop (BrokenheartsClub)
19 h Ingrid (BrokenheartsClub)
20 h Shirkhan (Exploited)

Donnerstag 05.11.2009
16 h vikki red (Chantels House of Shame)
17 h Tranqilo
18 h m_path_iq (we are... / de:bug / rundlauf / multicult2.0)
19 h Atomique Soul (ohsotrue) 20 h Dubben (GAMM)

Freitag 06.11.2009
16 h Disco-God
17 h Franz Underwear (Slow Motion Records)
18 h Akirahawks (House Mannequin)
19 h Tama Sumo (Panorama Bar / Ostgut Ton)
20 h Mareen

Samstag 07.11.2009
16 h Climbleather (Verve Club)
17 h Michael Okraj, digitaldisqo
18 h Sorry Entertainers
19 h Barbnerdy
20 h SL Jung (OYE Records)

Oye Record Store
Oderbergerstr. 4
10435 Berlin
phone +49 (30) 66647820

Radio Cosmos oo3 - Synthetic Memento DLP Special Edition in stock!

We have just received the special edition of the absolutely fantastic compilation
V/A Synthetic Memento on Radio Cosmos!
It is the third release on the Toulouse based label after V/A Synthstation and V/A Synthesize Me. As usual its fitted with a marvellous painted cover of gil formosa and a damn good selection of finest disco, synth-pop, cosmic, new wave stuff from artists like S.C.D., Keen K, Antilles, Happy Monday, Aldo Bergamachine!

we sell some copies of the SPECIAL EDITION in our shop. the difference between the regular edition is the colour of both vinyls. first vinyl is brown marbled and second white marbled. get your copy here

new party series at goldmans bar

das drehmoment starts a new party series at goldmans bar.
every first and second friday das drehmoment presents its favourite djs playing disco, cosmic, electro, dark italo but also indierock and indietronics.

The Klinik

Aufgrund einer schweren Erkrankung von Marc Verhaegen muss das THE KLINIK Konzert am 18.04.09 in der MARIA abgesagt werden. Da wir unseren Gästen die Originalbesetzung der Kultformation bieten wollten, ist uns dieses dadurch leider unmöglich gemacht worden.
Wir werden aber fieberhaft für euch nach einem neuen Termin suchen.

Nun zur guten Nachricht.

Wir haben schon einen adäquaten Ersatz für euch gefunden:
ABSOLUTE BODY CONTROL werden für THE KLINIK einspringen.

Der Eintrittspreis wurde auf 15.00 EUR AK und 12.00 EUR VVK geändert.
Die Karten sowie Reservierungen behalten ihre Gültigkeit und die Differenz wird am Abend ausbezahlt werden.

MfG Agent Provocateur / Schlagstrom! Team


TICKET-PRESALE @ das drehmoment
online reservation NOW 12 euros
for getting registered please write to:

18.04.09 / 20:00 doors open

the legendary Industrial /EBM Band from Belgium,
originally formed 1982. Marc Verhaeghen & Dirk Ivens will
perform their old songs & material from the new Album

Belgien - Former: Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Shriekback!

Amnistia stands for facets of dark, electronic dancemusic,
Kickdrums, hard basslines, snaresounds and a charismatic
voice are the attributes of their sounds.

Raised on the electro, industrial, and EBM of the
80s and 90s intelligent structures, thematic sampling,
distorted vocals and hard beats.

film score-like dystopian sci-fi-electronic ambient.
Industrial and Post-Industrial inspired soundscapes composed and
live performed with analog synthesizers from the eighties

Uwe Marx (Sonic Seducer)

info@schlagstrom.de & das-drehmoment.com
Eintritt: VVK: 20€ - AK: 25€

All infos:

Maria am Ostbahnhof
An der Schillingbrücke
10243 Berlin
S/U-bahn Ostbahnhof

VA. Rückwärts Im Uhrzeigersinn

dear passenger,
welcome aboard the new drehmoment spaceship ‘rückwärts im uhrzeigersinn’.

we’re going to travel through space & time – expanding the frontiers of our knowledge by exploring the musical galaxy we’re in and, by the nature of our majestic universe, finding ourselves in a well-known yesterday!
from cosmic disco to planet ebm, with a short stop on space station electro, flying across soundtrack-like sci-fi tunes and – last but not least – visiting our home planet earth for a nip of pop-rock!

grab your space suite and join us!
is your wormhole passport still valid?

keen K - Structures EP

keen K, well known for his ep 'urlaub am strand' on lo-fi stereo (together with redagain p in 2000) is back with more adventures in 2008!

keen K - Structures EP will be released on 23.05.2008 in a limited edition of 200 vinyls.
3 different hand sprayed covers designed by Dinasix.

six tracks of highly elaborate and well arranged electro, a deep bass grounded sound, garnished with elaborate sequenzer lines, wicked breaks and the hi-fi sound quality, he is famous for. the range of this ep reaches from intelligent electro to high speed old schoolish themes that remind you of classic p. hardcastle.

check out 'structures', if you like electro as it should be, you can´t live without this promising masterpiece. electro at its very best!


11.04.08 / 22:00 doors open

Absolute Body Control
Beta Evers - kommando 6 / nation of jak
Bakterielle Infektion
Nora Below - bomb boutique / bpitch

+ das drehmoment DJ TEAM

entry 12 euros
online reservation 10 euros
for getting registered
please write to: info@schlagstrom.de

Maria am Ostbahnhof
An der Schillingbrücke
10243 Berlin
S/U-bahn Ostbahnhof

dream disco is out/ gallery + mixes updated

012 dream disco - take me home 12" is released
DREAM DISCO is the project of Rotterdam based dj and producer DJ OVERDOSE. he has been involved in the Electronic Music Scene of the Netherlands since the mid 90’ies with remarkable releases on labels like VIEWLEXX, BUNKER or MURDER CAPITAL. He is also known from several collaborations with f.e. THE HASBEENS or NOVAMEN with MR. PAULI. read more here...

gallery and mixes are updated
our gallery is updated with new pics from das drehmoment label night at kinzo club november 2007 with datafreq and charles kent live.
also new pics from worldtronics festival and trade market at haus der kulturen der welt nov 2007. have a look here...
and the live recordings of dj discotrax, makina gigir and gabbo. listen here...

dates and events updated
suicide booth will play their first shows in january 2008, followed by our das drehmoment tour through croatia in july 2008 with polygamy boys and das drehmoment dj team.
more shows are on its way :) see you there.

WORLDTRONICS festival and trade market 28.NOV. - 1.DEC 2007

wir sind dabei /
trefft uns am drehmoment stand /

jeden tag drehmoment djs sets / mit dabei:
dj hardleft, dj then mühlender, dj derRAAB, dj keen K

festival und elektronik fachmesse

mi 28.11. - sa 1.12.2007 16 h - 20 h freier eintritt

Hier treffen und präsentieren sich Akteure der elektronischen Musik:

Ableton, Ausfahrt Musik, Brothers in Music, brandsonic, Crammed Discs, dense record shop, Digalittledeeper, Docdata, Das Drehmoment, Electrobot Records, Franz u. Josef, Fraunhofer Institut Digitale Medientechnologie, Groove, handle with care, intro, Karaoke Kalk, kitty-yo, Krautopia, Laboso Records, Lieblingslied Records, monika enterprise, Mr Bongo, Morr Music, mutualism distribution & more, Piranha Musik, Sonar Kollektiv, Staubgold, Tresor Berlin ...


Freitag, 9.November 07 22:00 Uhr
electro * italo * vintage electronics * robodisco

CHARLES KENT roulette rekordz. welt-am-draht
DATAFREQ das drehmoment | canada

MAKINA GIRGIR das drehmoment.welt-am-draht | france
GABBO CBS. rundfunkmuziek

Kinzo Club, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 11, 10178 Berlin
(Clubeingang unter Mc Donalds/Kaisers)

CHARLES KENT: founder of the non commercial internet radio WELT-AM-DRAHT is headlining our next das drehmoment label party in November. He was part of the KOMMANDO 6 community, where he started several co operations with label owner BETA EVERS and Benzol the side-project DER UNSICHTBARE. Unfortunately KOMMANDO 6 stopped its label activities last year, but CHARLES KENT is actually back with his EP “Weisse Augen” on Belgium based label ROULETTE REKORDZ.
We are looking forward to his live set between sharp beats, melodic lines, eerie vocals and pleasant elements of popmusic.

DATAFREQ: Dave Rout has been involved in the Canadian Electronic Music Scene since the mid 80’ies and everybody should know his projects ! bang elektronika, RATIONAL YOUTH, JETLAG and for sure FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – the title of his album on DAS DREHMOMENT RECORDS. DATAFREQ is back to conquer your world with 80s vintage electronics! Great to have you back on stage, Dave!

DISCOTRAX: Markus Breidbach, also known as Italomaster, is a crazy record collector and runs his own fan site called discotrax.de, which applies to italo disco music. He is also known as divinely gifted dj for this kind of music. Together with Makina Girgir, he is spinning records for the second time on our label parties.

MAKINA GIRGIR: is Aratkilo from Toulouse, France and is broadcasting on Charles Kent´s WELT-AM-DRAHT radio. But the most important thing for us drehmoment people, we have released MAKINA GIRGIR´s EP “the spell” this year on DAS DREHMOMENT RECORDS. His music could be described as Italo disco influenced 80´s retro-electro. I guess, you could expect almost the same from his dj-set!

GABBO: gabbo and his gorgeous rundfunkmuziek mixes on I-F´s CYBERNETIC BROADCASTING SYSTEM.Anything else to mention? Really? Then go ahead and listen to them on C-B-S. This is our style!

SOLVENT INSTORE GIG - 18.10 - 7 p.m.

Solvent (ghostly international, suction records)
- canadian synth electro musician is going to play
one of his rare shows in europe.
out of the club - into the store.

dj perez of the wartenberg era
is supporting him on the turntables!

drinks will be served for cheap prices!
dont miss it - free entrance!


"this is a hell of a record and if you are into the genre it is a must have!"

Finally DJ Overdose´s new project DREAM DISCO is released. IN YOUR EYES 12" is limited to 200 vinyls. Dont forget to save you one! ;)

soundfiles and press qoutes here ->

Radio Cosmos - new label in Toulouse

we would like to recommend you the first compilation of a new record label called Radio Cosmos, based in Toulouse, France. it's a 500 limited & numbered release in red vinyl with an amazing artwork by Gil Formosa....
and some artists you might know from das drehmoment ;)

Radio Cosmos 001 - VA. synthesize me! 12"/LP

Side A
- ANTILLES: You & Me
- MAKINA GIRGIR: Frozen Gloss
- LASERTANZ: Robot Muscle Power
- KEEN K & DORIAN E: Lost But Not Found
- WELTWIRTSCHAFT: Seasons Of Despair

Side B
- ALKALI TANZ: Luv Machine
- DIVIDER: Computer Dance Music



Am 3. August 2007 findet im Berliner “White Trash” (Diamond Lounge, Schönhauser Allee 6-7) die OFFIZIELLE MUTE RECORDS : subHuman : RELEASE PARTY statt, die MUTE in Zusammenarbeit mit depechemode.de, alanwilder.de und RADIO EINS präsentiert und zu welcher Alan Wilder sowie seine reizende Gattin Hepzibah höchstpersönlich als Gäste erwartet werden.

Die knapp 300 Tickets für die Veranstaltung gehen am Freitag den 13.07. 2007 exklusiv bei “Das Drehmoment” in der Lychener Str. 23, 10437 Berlin- Prenzlauer Berg (Mo – Fr 12:00 - 20:00 Uhr, Sat 12:00 - 18:00, Tel: +49(30) 47374707) in den Vorverkauf. Der Ticketpreis beträgt 6 EUR.

Bild– und Tonmaterial von RECOIL, DEPECHE MODE und anderen Label-Kollegen sowie elektronische Musik aus den letzten 30 Jahren mit besonderem Fokus auf MUTE RECORDS, gibt es dann ab 22 Uhr von den Berliner Szene-DJs Agent-Provocateur, Uwe Marx sowie Fledge.

ACHTUNG: Kartenverkauf nur in bar direkt vor Ort - Interessenten außerhalb Berlins bitte telefonisch reservieren .

First come, first serve! AND ONLY FOR FANS!!



the official mute records : subhuman : release party will take place on 3rd of august 2007 at “White Trash” (Diamond Lounge, Schönhauser Allee 6-7), BERLIN in cooperation with depechemode.de, alanwilder.de and RADIO EINS. ALAN WILDER and his wife will be expected personally.

the official advanced ticket sale of 300 tickets is starting on friday 13/07/2007. tickets will be available exclusive at das drehmoment for the price of 6€.

please reservate your tickets online or by telephone!

First come, first serve! AND ONLY FOR FANS!!



NO TEARS FOR FOXY - die neue Partyreihe im Berliner Club NBI (Neue Berliner Initiative) präsentiert Electro, Art Performances und DJs.
Tanzbarer Electro, Pop und New Wave entführen zum Abenteuer ins Foxyland, punky, trashy und wunderschön…jeden 1. Freitag im Monat!
Foxy im Juli lässt die heisse Freitag-Nacht gefrieren mit harten Industrial Beats, eiskaltem Electro, rarem New Wave, und schrägen Electronica Sound. Foxy tanzt sich die Tanzschuhe durch, die Strahlen der gelben Sonne erscheinen morgens am Horizont…
Der Geheimtip: Die anarchische Electro Pop Performerin Gene Serene aus London brilliert mit ihren genialen Electroclash- und Popsongs zwischen Punk und glitzernder Melancholie, tanzbar und zum mitsingen!
FBS feat UX 90 sind eiskalt, knallhart und tanzbar: Authentischer Berlin Electro, der das Blut gefrieren lässt…Die vierköpfige Boygroup live mit Bass und Gesang.



FBS feat UX 90 (Das Drehmoment)


THEN MÜHLENDER (World Wireless)

JAQUES DUBROIX (Das Drehmoment)

NORA BELOW (Bombboutique, Bpitch Ctrl)

DJ HARDLEFT (Talk Dirty Prod.)


Freitag, den 06.07.2007

Beginn: 22 Uhr
NBI – Neue Berliner Initiative
Schönhauser Allee 36
10435 Berlin (Kulturbrauerei)


okay, we will keep working hard during the summer

to get the next releases ready for autumn! :)

we will have another italo disco influenced project from munich. they are absolutely newcomers in their genre - but with 3 new songs which have blown us away. so we decided immediately to release it as fast as possible. suicide booth is scheduled for the beginning of september with another great full coloured cover! if you want to listen to the first tunes, lets have a look at their new artist side.

then another big project is in the planning phase. our beloved, yearly released, das drehmoment compilation with lots of newcomers and well-known das drehmoment friends. we are still looking for some songs, if you want to send us your tunes. please get in contact with us: info@das-drehmoment.com

thanks a lot in advance and we will see us, hear us after the summer break!

stay tuned! yrs das drehmoment crew.


We are still tired, but happy! :))

The first pics are uploaded. Bang Bang Club in Berlin and Bunte Republik Neustadt Dresden. This was a quite fantastic open air!! thanks to Jörg and Thomas of Cafe Neustadt!
the rest will follow in the next days.
especially the pics of DISTILLERY are missing... oh my god, this was a ass shaking night!
unbelievable! thank you guys of BLACK RED!!

DDR TOUR - new tourdates

DDR TOUR - das drehmoment on tour
yeah das drehmoment is going on tour!
4 bands and 3 djs will show their best tunes for you in 3 different cities!

Goodlife/Bunker/Space Factory/Lasergun/Mighty Robot (Berlin/CAN)

Bunker / Goodlife / Spacefactory

FBS feat. UX 90- live
(Berlin/das drehmoment)

(Utrecht NL/das drehmoment)

Electro * Disco * Minimal Electronics
DJ Tg (das drehmoment)
DJ Nicci D. (das drehmoment)
DJ Kairophob (das drehmoment)

14.June @ BANG BANG CLUB, Berlin **
15.June @ BNR OPEN AIR FESTIVAL, Dresden
16.June @ DISTILLERY, Leipzig *

** without Polygamy Boys

* with TRAXX (Nation, Crème, Chicago), JAMES T. COTTON (Ghostly, Detroit), X2 - LIVE (Detroit, Chicago), D'MARC CANTU (Nation, Ghostly, Detroit), TINY (Idealfun)


Finally das drehmoment records has its own webside! :)

With tons of infos, soundfiles, videos and pics of all artists and of course the hottest shit of our last das drehmoment label parties. If you wanna try, the first pics are uploaded.
Have a look into our gallery :)

In the future we will keep you informed whats actually going on in the drehmoment headquarter – the next party, the next releases in 2007…
the next strikes are out - Makina Girgir and Neongrau!

Also our drehmoment mailorder will be completely updated in a couple of days –
a professional shop systems which makes it easy to handle your orders. You can get every release and special merchandise in this shop section. TG cares about your wishes.

So stay tuned! yrs das drehmoment crew.


First pics uploaded! thanks to kai, romain and philippe!

RUDE 66 (Bunker. Vynalogica)
DIVIDER / STARCLUSTER (Clone. das drehmoment)
FBS (das drehmoment)

Michael Black (Jupiter Black. Clone. & Aube)
Discotrax (Discotrax.de)
Makina Girgir (das drehmoment. Welt am Draht)

+ Record Release:
NEONGRAU – spam n space CD
MAKINA GIRGIR – the spell 12”/EP

Ostersamstag, 7.April
Einlass: 22.00 Uhr
Zentrale Randlage, Schönhauser Allee 172, 10435 Berlin